There are so many benefits to sand play, from developing arm and hand motor skills, lớn feeling different textures. It also is a great way to encourage social skills such as sharing. "How early is too early" is a question I"ve sầu been asked countless times over my 25 years of selling play sands, as well as being a geologist for 42 years (read about my credentials) and a Dad. So I agree with the recommendation that children can begin to play in the sandbox at 12 months old & base this on two primary sources: the US Consumer Product Safety Commission publication Age Determination Guidelines: Relating Children"s Ages to Toy Characteristics & Play Behavior (CPSC Staff Document, September 2002, pages 26-27) which I quote:

"Toddlers from 12 through 18 months of age...thoroughly enjoy water và s& play and are given many opportunities for exploration through sand, water and related toys".

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Our second source is the Toy Industry Association (TIA) & their use & endorsement of the above sầu reference in meeting the required US Toy Safety Standards. PlaySafe.org, a site created for parents by parents at the TIA lists toy suggestions for infants ages 6 lớn 12 months old that include a sandbox và sand toys for those babies that can sit up. You can see their buying guide here.

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We"ve sầu all seen lots of infants that can barely crawl enjoying a day at the beach và eating sand, và I"ve sầu personally supervised many toddlers younger then 10 months of age playing in the 4th of July sandbox I set up each year at our local city festival. I can personally atchạy thử to the fact that playing in clean s& is without doubt one of the most valuable, if not the most valuable, learning experiences they will have in their formative sầu years!

Now a child"s safety is always our top concern so if you think your baby is to young for a sandbox, we recommover trying out a sensory bin first. You can fill this with oatmeal, shredded paper, or clean play sand. These are great sensory materials that help ready children for a sandbox & you can gauge how they bởi vì with different textures and tactile experiences. Give them some spoons and other toys and let them bury, dig, & explore.

Even given official guidelines, we recognize the importance of parental supervision và certainly encourage parents, grandparents, care-givers, etc lớn always be on guard.

Eating svà, getting it in your eyes, hair, ears & clothes is never a pleasant experience as anyone who has been to the beach can atchạy thử. As always, we urge caution & diligence but I can pretty much guarantee your child & grandchildren will have have so much fun they won"t want khổng lồ leave!