To: Blizzard Entertainment This petition was created in order khổng lồ convince Blizzard Entertainment lớn create a version of their popular Real Time Strategy game, Starcraft, for the recently released Nintenbởi vì DS portable game system.

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Traditionally, Real Time Strategy games have been limited khổng lồ the PC market, since they rely on the mouse for game play. There have been a few exceptions, such as Starcraft 64, but for the most part, Real Time Strategy games work best on the PC with a mouse. However, the recently released Nintenvị DS system introduces an entirely new type of control scheme for the portable gaming market. Using a stylus, your finger, or the included thumb stylus, users can interact with the game through the touch-sensitive bottom screen. Games that would never play properly on a portable system, such as first person shooters, can now be played with ease with the stylus. The stylus control scheme could be used very effectively in a Nintenbởi DS rendition of Starcraft. Selecting units, issuing commands, & more would be very easy with the stylus, & very similar khổng lồ the mouse, which would appeal khổng lồ players of the PC version. The second, non touch-sensitive screen of the DS could be used khổng lồ display statistics of the game, such as resources, and time left in a mission, as well as the currently selected units and their statistics. There are other new features that the Nintenbởi DS brings lớn the portable gaming market that could be used with Starcraft. Using a proprietary wireless protocol by Nintenbởi, up lớn 16 Nintenvì chưng DS systems in relatively the same area can be linked together for wireless multiplayer game play.

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Starcraft would only need 8 players, unless Blizzard wished lớn expand on the Starcraft multiplayer on the Nintenvày DS version. The Nintenbởi DS is also compatible with the 802.11b wireless network protocol. This could be used to lớn connect Starcraft on the Nintenvì DS lớn Blizzard"s own for online multiplayer gameplay either between DS systems or PC users. Communication between users would be an issue, as the Nintendo DS does not feature a keyboard. However, it has a built in microphone, as well as a jack for an external microphone. The microphones could be used for voice communication between Starcraft players instead of communicating via a keyboard interface. This version of Starcraft for the Nintenbởi DS could either be a straight port of the PC Starcraft & Starcraft: Brood Wars, or a port with extra features, such as a single player chiến dịch exclusive sầu khổng lồ the Nintenvị DS, extending the storyline of the Starcraft universe. Either way, Starcraft for the Nintenbởi vì DS would likely sell very well. Sincerely,
Đọc bên trên mạng thấy có chiếc 1-1 này và cũng rất được 1632 fan cỗ vũ rồi. Ai mong mỏi có tác dụng starcraft trên ds thì vào chỗ này cỗ vũ nhé
. Mà sao Blizzard shutdown cái project Starlite của tín đồ ta rồi cơ mà chưa đá rượu cồn gì đến nó rò rỉ ^^