Our faces reflect our minds, and our faces are a testimony of our thoughts and feelings! Of course, the same can be said for Annora Petrova, but it’s a shame that none of us noticed it.

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At first, she thought it was done by her father or by her skating club to encourage her, but they denied it when she inquired about it. She soon forgot about the page, but strangely she won the championship the next day. This reminded her about the page that she had read earlier. So, out of superstitious beliefs or merely for the sake of fun, she started checking the page every time she had a competition. And surprisingly, each time, the page made accurate predictions.

Everything was going well, Annora was finally gearing up for THE OLYMPICS, her dream, but all was not going to be well this time! An anticipated Annie decided to influence her wiki page by editing the information as “Annora won the Olympics.” After this, her life and career took a nasty turn, her career went downhill and she lost her parents too. The page that always brought good news for her said:-

” Annora Petrova is a selfish little bitch who is going to get what she deserves.”

Annora was in a state of shock and thought her competitor cum friend Bree who was also participating in the competition, did this. So, she wrote a letter to Bree (Note: The letter was never sent and was later discovered by the police.)

It was during the Olympic tryouts, Annora never expected this to happen to her. One of the blades from Bree’s skates came off, which hit Annora’s head and left her bleeding. Everyone, including her seniors, blamed Annie, as she was the only person who was allowed to handle the rivals’ skates before any competition. Annie bluntly denied the accusations, but nobody believed her. Finally, one of the spectators passed the remark, ” Annora got what she deserved!”. SAME AS THE WIKI PAGE UPDATE!

Annora was disturbed and decided to complain to Wikipedia about the page to uncover the culprit’s identity. Strangely the Wikipedia administrators could not find any such page! Strange enough!

The creepy encounters continued, and a heartbreaking edit said:

“Annora Petrova is a pathetic little orphan whose real parents died in a terrible accident.”

She called her parents out of panic and fear to warn them, but there was no reply. Then, a few days later, she got the news that her parents passed away in a road accident.

Annora was depressed after these incidents and was admitted to a Swiss Hospital where she went through recovery. Slowly and steadily she was returning to her normal life, practiced skating; everything was going well until she decided to check her page for one last time. CATASTROPHE!

The page said, “Annie Petrova (Born 5th May- Died October 24th, 2010) was an American Junior Figure Skating winner who died a lonely orphan death because she was a greedy little piggy”.

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The predictions turned out to be true, and the police found Annora slumped over her computer keyboard with a letter to her friend cum competitor Bree.

The police said that the letter she wrote to Bree before the Olympics competition was never delivered, and the call that she made to warn her parents never got connected to the parents!

So what was it? Was it Annora’s mere illusion, what about the page, was she suffering from any psychological disorder, or was there something truly unnatural that was not visible to our normal eyes.

Whatever it was, it was not a regular thing; Annora’s case is still a mystery that will perhaps never get closure. Some even claim that the story is a myth; others say they experienced disturbing things after reading about it. Well, I don’t have any answers to this, and I leave it up to you to decide.