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better /"betə/ tính từ cấp cho so sánh của good hơn, xuất sắc rộng, khá rộng, hay hơn, đẹp hơnyou can"t find a better man: anh bắt buộc tra cứu thấy một người như thế nào xuất sắc hơn khoẻ rộng, thoải mái rộng, đang đỡ (bạn nhỏ xíu...)he is not well yet: anh ấy cảm thấy thoải mái hơn, tuy thế chưa thiệt khoẻto lớn be better off khnóng khá hơn, phú quý hơnkhổng lồ be better than one"s words hứa hẹn ít làm nhiềuthe better part đa số, nhiều sốno better than không hơn gìto have sầu seen better days đã tất cả thời kỳ khấm kháone"s better half (xem) halfshe is no better than she should be: ả ta là đứa lẳng lơ đĩ thoã phó từ cấp so sánh của well rộng, tốt hơn, tốt hơnkhổng lồ think better of somebody: reviews ai cao hơn, tất cả quan niệm tốt rộng về aibetter late than never muộn còn rộng khônghad better buộc phải, tốt hơn làyou had better go now: anh yêu cầu đi bây giờ thì hơnto lớn know better không tin tưởng (lời ai nói) không dại gì mà lại làm (một bài toán gì)lớn think better of it biến đổi ý kiến nước ngoài cồn từ làm cho tốt hơn, cách tân, cải thiệnto lớn better the living conditions of the people: nâng cao cuộc sống của nhân dânkhổng lồ better a record: lập kỷ lục cao hơn thừa, hơnto better oneself đặt địa vị cao hơn, được ăn lương cao hơn danh từ fan trên, người hơn (tuổi, địa vị, tài năng)khổng lồ respect one"s betters: kính trọng những người dân hơn mình thế lợi hơnkhổng lồ get the better of: win, win thếchange for worse cho dù về sau xuất sắc xấu ra sao (câu này dùng trong khi có tác dụng lễ cưới ở nhà thờ) danh từ+ (bettor)/"betə/ bạn tiến công cuộc, fan đánh cá





Từ điển Collocation

better adj.

1 comparative of ‘good’

VERBS be, feel, look, seem | get Cars are getting better all the time. | make sth We must make our inner cities better lớn live và work in. | consider sth, deem sth, judge sth, think sth I thought it better lớn tackle hyên outside of business hours.

ADV. a damned/darned sight, even, far, a lot, markedly, (very) much, still, substantially, ten/a hundred/a thousand times His lademo book is a darned sight better than the one before. | a bit, a good/great giảm giá khuyến mãi, a little, marginally, slightly

PHRASES no better Charles VII was a bad king, & Charles VIII was no better. | nothing better than There"s nothing better than a nice juicy peach!

2 recovered from an illness

VERBS be, feel, look, seem | get I hope you get better soon. | get sb, make sb Don"t worry. The doctor will soon make you better. | kiss sth Did you hurt yourself? Poor thing?come here and let me kiss it better.

ADV. a lot, (very) much | a bit, a good/great khuyễn mãi giảm giá, a little, slightly

Từ điển WordNet


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a superior person having claim khổng lồ precedence

the common man has been kept in his place by his betters

the superior one of two alternatives

chose the better of the two



(comparative of `good") superior to another (of the same class or mix or kind) in excellence or unique or desirability or suitability; more highly skilled than another

You"re a better man than I am, Gunga Din

a better coat

a better type of car

a suit with a better fit

a better chance of success

produced a better mousetrap

she"s better in math than in history

(comparative sầu of `good") changed for the better in health or fitness

her health is better now

I feel better

more than half

argued for the better part of an hour


comparative sầu of `well"; in a better or more excellent manner or more advantageously or attractively or khổng lồ a greater degree etc.

She had never sung better

a deed better left undone

better suited to the job


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for your own good

what"s the good of worrying?


having desirable or positive sầu qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified

good news from the hospital

a good report card

when she was good she was very very good

a good knife is one good for cutting

this stump will make a good picnic table

a good check

a good joke

a good exterior paint

a good secretary

a good dress for the office

morally admirableagreeable or pleasing

we all had a good time

good manners


had a good workout

gave the house a good cleaning

capable of pleasing

good looks

not forged

a good dollar bill

generally admired

good taste



a deep hole or shaft dug or drilled lớn obtain water or oil or gas or brinea cavity or vessel used to lớn contain liquidan open shaft through the floors of a building (as for a stairway)an enclosed compartment in a ship or plane for holding something as e.g. fish or a plane"s landing gear or for protecting something as e.g. a ship"s pumps



in good health especially after having suffered illness or injury

appears to lớn be entirely well

the wound is nearly well

a well man

I think I"m well; at least I feel well


thoroughly or completely; fully; often used as a combining form

The problem is well understood

she was well informed

shake well before using

in order lớn avoid food poisoning be sure the meat is well cooked

well-done beef", "well-satisfied customers


(used for emphasis or as an intensifier) entirely or fully

a book well worth reading

was well aware of the difficulties ahead

suspected only too well what might be going on

lớn a suitable or appropriate extent or degree

the project was well underway

the fetus has well developed organs

his father was well pleased with his grades

favorably; with approval

their neighbors spoke well of them

he thought well of the book

with prudence or propriety

You would vị well lớn say nothing more

could not well refuse

with skill or in a pleasing manner

she dances well

he writes well

without unusual digăng or resentment; with good humor

took the joke well

took the tragic news well

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

betters|bettered|betteringsyn.: improved preferable superiorant.: worsegoods|better|bestsyn.: advantage excellent fine fitting friendly kind nice proper real right satisfying suitableant.: awkward bad badness clumsy evil harmful illness poor unskillful wrongbetter|bestant.: badly ill poorly