I hope you’re enjoying our recently released Shroud of the Assassin update introducing the new third class specialization for the Assassin class as well as the new Blade và Soulmate event! We’ve sầu wrapped up our 4th anniversary festivities, hopefully you all got to clalặng your exclusive sầu Aurealis Shimmer Outfit & Passion Illusion Weapon, collected some good items, và congrats khổng lồ the lucky few who won the Blade & Soul 4th Anniversary custom sneakers.

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We’ve also really appreciated the amazing entries for the loading screen art conchạy thử, & you’ll be able to lớn see the winners’ art in-game soon!

Looking bachồng on Year 3, we had some great updates. The Zen Archer was an extremely popular class for players to pick up; we had some big things happening as Mushin made his move sầu in Act 10 of the epic story, và we introduced some new high-level dungeons with new & interesting mechanics. For statistics fans, we pulled a few stats you might be interested in: In 2019, players leveled up 12,718,550 times; 1,983,842 brave sầu warriors lost their lives in PVP.. battles; and players completed 11,462,141 daily challenges. The most important statistic, as I think you’ll agree, is that 51,662,322 fish were caught, thanks largely in part to the introduction of auto-fishing!

As we look on khổng lồ Year 4, we have sầu a lot of exciting updates planned. Speaking of 4, the topic that’s been on everyone’s mind since it was announced—the Unreal Engine 4 update. Korea has announced they are launching their Frontier World at the over of February, và we can’t wait khổng lồ see how players react khổng lồ this new take on the Blade & Soul world.

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Frontier World is a new service that takes us baông chồng lớn the roots of the game. After the Korean launch of Frontier World, we’ll be able to lớn better assess the timing for the Unreal Engine 4 service launch in the west, but rest assured, we are still aiming khổng lồ launch Unreal Engine 4 content this year!

As we look at the upcoming roadmap for 20trăng tròn, we have a lot of things lớn highlight for you. This includes the third specialization upgrade for the Force Master, slated for June. We’ll also be concluding the ongoing epic story arc this year with Act 11, và we’ll be adding lots of new dungeons for players to attempt. To reveal a little more information on what’s coming from the Blade và Soul development team, we had some interview questions answered by two key members of the team: Jaehong Kyên ổn, the head of Blade và Soul’s service for North America and Europe & Seunghwan Jeon, the Blade & Soul development director. You can watch the đoạn Clip here:

We have a lot of other things in store for 2020, và that includes stepping up our cadence of events, adding new và increased rewards lớn them as well as different ways lớn participate. When we have more info on this year’s PVP changes, you’ll be the first to know! In the meantime, here’s a quiông xã peek of upcoming nội dung coming between now & June.


There’s lots of excitement in store for Blade & Soul in 20trăng tròn, & we can’t want lớn mô tả it all with you. We appreciate your continued tư vấn & feedbaông xã as we prepare for a big year of amazing Blade và Soul nội dung.