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Because this radial motion involves dissipation, some energy is removed from the waves, so that they are attenuated as they travel in the bubbly liquid.
These results are the same as those derived previously on the basis of Model equations for bubbly liquids.
The purpose of this work is to lớn study the phase speed of sound waves in a bubbly medium without stipulating, a priori, dynamical models for the medium.
Surely the administration of one traditional tot of the "purser"s bubbly" is not likely lớn plunge the sailors inkhổng lồ the ravages of alcoholism.
She wrote lớn her parents the day before, seemingly bubbly, saying that she would like khổng lồ see them in a few days" time.
He arrived one morning khổng lồ find a patient very distressed, which was unusual, because the lady in question was usually bubbly và happy.
The coupe is also used in mixtures which have an olive sầu in a bubbly cocktail & in the spectacular pyramids of glasses that crown festivities.
Foods like bubble gum or bubbly beverages also cause a buildup of air that results in excessive sầu gas and bloating, as does smoking.
They jump playfully around in the bubbles until they tip the bathtub over leaving a bubbly watery mess on the floor.

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