Dark Moon was an sự kiện that ran from January 26 to lớn February 6, 2017. Players defended Selemene"s temple from waves of invaders, & earned special event points that could be traded for rewards.

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A team of 5 players defkết thúc against an onslaught of hordes for 15 rounds. Different enemies spawn each round with the spawns becoming harder every round.


5 players defover the Temple at the very north against waves of enemies that spawn from four lanes, which are scattered in all other directions.Almost each round has small units which come in masses và a few big units with special abilities.Two of the rounds are bonus rounds meant to lớn gain an economic advantage, while additional 2 are trùm rounds.Experience is gained by killing units (globally shared) and can be gained while dead.Gold is gained by picking up gold bags which enemies can drop upon getting killed. Each round has its gold cap. The bags can be picked up by walking over them.Enemies may also randomly drop instant health or mana restoring potions, which can be picked up by walking over them as well.Between each rounds, players have 30 seconds time to regroup and buy items before the next round starts.The game ends prematurely if the Ancient is destroyed, or if all five players die before round 15.


The Temple is located towards the north of the maps. It is part of the objective sầu và must be kept alive.Eight towers defkết thúc the Temple, four external ones & four internal ones.Towers that survive until the end of a round earn the team extra gold.Three shrines are found on the bản đồ, each with a 180 second cooldown.All towers & shrines respawn at the kết thúc of each round.Two shops are located on the maps. One in the middle, & one near the top, next lớn the Temple.

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On death, a tombstone is left where the player died. Living teammates can right cliông chồng on the tombstone to lớn revive sầu the player. This takes a channel time of six seconds.The more players that channel on the same tombstone, the quicker it will go.All players are revived with full health & mana at the kết thúc of each round.

Available heroes

Only a few heroes can be picked for this event.Some heroes have sầu altered abilities made specifically for this sự kiện.

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Click on a hero"s icon to view its stats, modified/chất lượng abilities and mechanics for this event.AttributeHeroes

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