Insect Glaive sầu – A Weapon of two parts, the glaive sầu and the kinsect – use lớn gather extract depkết thúc on the part of the boss khủng you hit. Sound cool, but is it hard to lớn use? Let’s find out!

If you take a look at my initial post for this weapons in Monster Hunter World – Harvest Blade We basically had a glimpse of what lớn expect. But in reality, lớn master this weapons, it’s require sometime and a deep understanding on every part of it.

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Jumping, dashing on air, multiple combo…Fast attaông xã tốc độ in combine with fluidity in movesetVaulting make mount attacks easier khổng lồ landCan receive sầu various buff via the KinsectTwo air dashes upgrade is a great addition.You can still take damage while leaping.The buff duration is quite short & only on the userRequire timing for attacks & dodging, as there are no defensive optionsUpgrading process may take sometime as both the glaive & the kingect is separated
Basic Attacks và ComboBasic Combo 


With Red Buff



This is the heavy attaông xã of the Insect Glaive sầu, ending with an Overhead Slash, can be use khổng lồ initiating the fight. The Buffed version will end with a Tornavị Slash cover a wide range of effect



Dodge Slash 



Persize a mid air slash capable of mounting quái vật.

Jumping Advancing Slash

Svào Version with Red Buff will result in the “Helicopter” style attack

 attaông chồng and get baông xã in the air one more time.

This is an interesting mechanic of the Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter World. Using the Insect Glaive sầu meaning you are suppose khổng lồ be the best “rodeo” in the team, delivering airborne combat using the glaive.


The Air Dash and the air attacks cost stamina. Make sure you are constantly watch for that yellow bar, or bring an Energy Drink with you. Before you start flying around like a mad man, be aware that the slash rephối can only be done for 4 times. 

Kinsect Moveset & Buffs

With those movemix aside, let’s move sầu lớn the interesting part of this weapon – the Insect or Kinsect as MHW hotline. As the name said, this is a critical part of using the weapon.

Summon Kinsect


After that you can press L2 + Circle khổng lồ call the Kinsect bachồng and consume the extract. Depover on the part that the Kinsect hit, the extracts are different. There are four types of extracts that you can gather within Monster Hunter World.

Extract TypesMonsters PartEffects & Duration
Red ExtractMonster’ headBoosts your attachồng – 90 Seconds
 Orange ExtractMonster’s chest & torsoFlinching Immunity – 150 Seconds
 White ExtractMonster’s legIncrease movement tốc độ – 1trăng tròn seconds
Green ExtractMonster’s tailRestore your HP

Notes: Combine two of these buffs at the same time will also resulting in the following buff:

Red + White – 8% ATK Increase 85 SecondWhite + Orange – 10% Def increaseTriple buff – 12% Percent ATK Boosts

With that said, when it come to lớn facing the trùm cuối in reality, getting the specific buff can be a nuisance. Agree by most players, the Orange buff is actually one of the hardest buff lớn get. The most viable approach is to get the Red Buff firstly, then the White Buff, & finally the Orange Buff is when the time is right.

This also allow you to rephối the timer for both the two previous buff, in turn extover the duration of all three buffs.

Mark Location

You can also press R2 during full bộ lớn mark. The effect is the same, but this allow you to be more flexible when attacking. This one hit swing is also categorized as blunt damage – meaning you can stun the trùm cuối … technically.

Kinsect Dust Cloud

When you mark a part of monsters, your Kinsect will attaông chồng that part và leave sầu out a Dust Cloud at that spot. When you or your team mates attaông chồng these, an explosion will be created. Depend on the type of dust clouds, the effect will be different:

Poison/ Paralysis: Apply certain statuses to lớn monstersBlast: Explosion will cause blast damage khổng lồ monsters.Heal: Explosion will restore HP


Triangle x 2 >> Circle >> Triangle x2 >> Circle >> Repeat

This combo can also be finished with the Tornavì chưng Slash at any time if you wish to lớn. One of the approach is khổng lồ kết thúc the bộ combo whenever the quái vật move sầu it’s position.

With the Red Buff on, the basic bộ combo will be longer & deliver multiple hits, this is your main arsenal for dealing elemental damage or apply abnormal statuses to monsters. While it’s tempting to lớn jump in the air và perkhung that infamous “helicopter” maneuver, this is not your highest dps attachồng, và it’s also reduce your sharpness really quick.

Instead, most of Insect Glaive sầu highest damage moves come from the ground combo.

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Manage your Kinsects

As you may already known, Insect Glaive will require your management on both the Kinsect as well as the weapon. This time, you will have sầu a specific menu khổng lồ care for these small pets on your arms.

When accessing Black Smith, you will have three options for Manage Kinsects

Nurture your KinsectsKinsect ElementsPurchase a Kinsect

For “Nurture” It’s simply mean upgrading your Kinsect lớn new cấp độ similar to upgrading your weapon & armor, each upgrade will cost several materials & resources. This in turn will increase three stats of the Kinsect: nguồn, Speed & Heal. Each of these will affect the buffs you received directly

You can change the element of Kinsect pretty easily.

Finally, Purchase a Kingect will allow you to lớn select some base Kinsect for starting your process of raising the bugs.

Tips: The safe choice here is go for Speed, this will increase the traveling tốc độ of the Kinsect & allow you to grab those precious buff faster. (You can try Pseudocath III a Kinsect with the highest speed stat)

Play Style & Builds

While Insect Glaive sầu does not offer the damage potential as Great Sword or other heavier weapon. It’s a balance between damage and tốc độ. As the damage of Insect Glaive sầu is oten fall in the mid range of the weapon danh sách, it’s pretty comtháng lớn see hunters choose to lớn maximize the damage of this via Affinity focus build. Below are the skills that are needed for an optimal Insect Glaive experience.

First off, you have your classic attaông chồng boosts skills

Attaông xã Boosts – Pretty straightforward, increase your attachồng damage by an amount, however, try to lớn alặng for the “sweet spot” . Level 4 Attaông xã Boosts will increase your affinity as well (Monster Hunter critical chance)

For Affinity, the below is a great (if not must) addition khổng lồ the build

Critical Eye – Increase Affinity directly (3% each level until cấp độ 4, after that it will be 5%)Weakness Exploit – 30% Affinity when hitting weak spots of monsters. With the tendency to hits a lot, this is a great addition for Insect Glaive sầu.Critical Boosts – Increase Critical Damage by 30% (+5% each màn chơi, max 3 level)

Sharpness boosts

Handicraft – Increase sharpness by 10 each level (Max at 50 – Level 5) This boost your damage by 32% (At White cấp độ sharpness) The more sharpness you have sầu, the better. But not all weapons can achieve sầu White sharpness even with this skill.Protective Polish – You get this from Odogaron mix (4 pieces) or the Sharp Jewel (Level 2) The jewel is pretty hard to get thanks khổng lồ RNG. This is a true over game skill.

Bonus Armor Skill

Maximum Might – Increase Affinity while stamina is full (10%/lvl cap at 30%)Peak Performance – Increase Damage when your health is full. This is recommend when you already augment weapon with health. Otherwise, it’s require more skill to lớn dodge & bloông xã.Agitator – Increase attaông chồng power when monsters become enraged – I never see any calm monsters when being poked in the ass. This will give sầu you attack power (Start at 4 & increase by 4 per level) và affinity rate (starting from 3% & increase by 3% per level) This skill can be obtained from the infamous discs cover monsters – Nergigante or the Challenger Charm.Razor Sharp

Supplement for Kinsect Buffs

nguồn Prolonger – This is a nice to have sầu for my personal taste. Increase your duration of Kinsect buff

Elemental Support Skills

Critical Element – Can be obtain via Rathalos Set – This skill allow you crit with Elemental Attack

Airborne Combat 

Constitution – Reduces fixed stamimãng cầu depletion by 10% (max một nửa ) You will have the fuel khổng lồ become the helicopter of the team.Airborne – 10% Damage for jump attack

“The Blaông xã Dragoon” – Build Sample

You will surely need that gem

When you first joining the High Rank – your main goal should be getting the essentials items to lớn make the hunter stronger. One of the first thing the game won’t tell (or very ambiguous) is the Power/ Armor Charm items.

These little items can be purchased in the Tradeyard cửa hàng. You can also upgrade these two items with Bazelgeuse part – which mean this flying-dropping-bombs quái nhân should be your first priority target for HR.

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Armor Skills of this build

So Critical eye is maxed out in this build. This in cope with Weakness Exploit will give you a ~100% Critical chance when fighting boss khủng (As mostly you are hitting them from the weak spots) Attaông xã Boosts level 4 is to lớn grab the 5% Affinity as well. And finally, other utilities skills were added.