Speech is Powerful

Our proprietary vocal models are utilized for assessing, screening, và tracking the presence & severity of a targeted illness or disease. All completed in real-time, the Canary Speech Vocal Score can replace subjective sầu measurements with objective, actionable care solutions for the patient và physician - no matter where they are.


Canary Speech is advancing the use of digital vocal biomarkers lớn assess & trachồng mental wellbeing & other diseases such as, Alzheimer’s Disease, PTSD, and Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).

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What is a Digital Biomarker?

Digital biomarkers are data that consumers directly collect about health or disease management through digital health technologies lớn explain, influence and/or predict health-related outcomes.

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Who We Serve

Canary Speech công nghệ is used throughout several industries, including:

Hospital/ Clinical markets – for patients and healthcare workers


Virtual Care & Remote Patient Monitoring

Post-Discharge và Post-Axinh tươi Care Patient Care & Monitoring

Extended Care, Nursing Care and Stay-at-trang chủ Patient Populations





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