Besides that, the clayên ổn that left-handers are overall clumsier than right-handers was not supported.

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They insist on accuracy of meaning first even if the result is a little clumsier than an alternative which reads rather easily.
Clumsy servants, inattentive guests (here located primarily in the baông chồng rooms), & noisy children are also common figures.
If, nonetheless, there still recurs the brash tug of clumsy feet against sensitive sầu scholarly tripwires, without these scholars" expertise there would have sầu been endless detonation.
They were fairly clumsy devices & only offered security from one side: anyone could unlochồng them from the other side.
A history of clumsy regeneration projects in some areas provided the conference with live examples for discussions on renewal and conservation.
In such situations a comic character"s sanctimonious pose seems clumsy và inappropriate, the expressions of rage và revenge hollow.
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lớn give something, especially money, in order to provide or achieve sầu something together with other people

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