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A vocal delivery that might seem haughty or conceited, too mellifluous or elegant, excessively "musical", or calculated khổng lồ please others must be avoided.
Hypocritical politicians and conceited moralists had belittled national values and in the counter-narrative sầu belonged khổng lồ the stigmatised enemies.
But if faith is completely abolished, the whole sphere is dropped, and then reason becomes conceited và perhaps concludes that, ergo, the paradox is nonsense.
It would be very conceited to lớn say that one knew what would be the position in seven or eight years from now.
Coming to my expectations for the future, it would be unduly conceited of me to have any expectations at all.
I am very far indeed from being conceited enough to lớn suggest that it cannot be improved in matters of detail or of drafting.
It is my contention that pressing ahead in the face of significant opposition based on the failures of similar moves elsewhere is conceited.
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to lớn give something, especially money, in order to lớn provide or achieve sầu something together with other people

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