: prescribed or required by fashion, etiquette, or custom : proper … tattoos, of course, being de rigueur ahy vọng the poetry phối.

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…— Will Ferguson

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Synonyms & Antonyms De Rigueur: How to Pronounce It, Spell It, và Use It in a Sentence Why Does Your Invite Say Costume de rigueur? More Example Sentences Learn More about de rigueur

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De Rigueur: How to Pronounce It, Spell It, và Use It in a Sentence

If you want lớn use de rigueur in conversation pronouncing it correctly is de rigueur. (Cliông xã here lớn find out how.)

Spelling this fancy French borrowing correctly, on the other hand, isn”t de rigueur (your spellcheck will vị it for you in most cases), but it is possible. The vowels of its final syllable are trickiest. It may help to lớn rethành viên other French borrowings that end in eur, such as amateur, chauffeur, and entrepreneur. And of course the last four letters of liqueur match de rigueur perfectly.

De rigueur has been used as an adjective in English for almost two centuries now, which means that it”s established enough khổng lồ appear in running text without italics. It”s foreign-sounding enough, though, that people can feel tentative about using it. Apply it where synonyms like proper, correct, & decorous are at trang chủ. Here are some examples of it in use in its adopted language:

Anglophone parents worry that being too strict will break their kids” creative sầu spirits. A visiting American mother was shocked when she saw a playpen in our apartment in Paris. Apparently, back trang chủ, even playpens are now seen as too confining. (We didn”t know. In Paris they”re de rigueur.) — Pamela Druckerman, Bringing Up Bébé, 2012

Being in the business of writing about cocktails & bars, I often find myself in some pretty swank digs—various “mixology” dens where the elaborate drinks require complex techniques, house-made bitters & farm-to-table infusions are de rigueur, và the bartender has achieved celebrity-chef star status. — Jason Rowan, Wine Enthusiast, April 2014

Although de rigueur is usually found after the verb (especially after is or are), it”s also sometimes used in the traditional adjectival territory before a noun:

Stone, who patiently smiled through the de rigueur photo shoot in front of a backdrop emblazoned with the logos of the festival và its sponsors … — Paul Liberatore, Marin Independent Journal (marinij.com), 6 Oct. 2016

Why Does Your Invite Say Costume de rigueur?

If you”re invited to a ball or other social function and the invitation includes the French phrase costume de rigueur, you are expected to lớn adhere to lớn a very strict dress code-typically, a White tie và tails if you”re a man and a floor-length evening gown if you”re a woman. In French, de rigueur means “out of strictness” or “according lớn strict etiquette”; one definition of our word rigor, lớn which rigueur is related, is “the unique of being strict, unyielding, or inflexible.” In English, we tover to use de rigueur lớn describe a fashion or custom that is so commonplace within a context that it seems a prescribed, mandatory part of it.

Dark sunglasses are de rigueur these days. though he was wearing a dinner jacket and a blaông chồng bow tie, his jeans and tennis shoes were hardly de rigueur Recent Examples on the Web Now that larger screens are de rigueur, hiding a TV in a cabinet is more difficult.

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— Tim Mckeough Thành Phố New York Times, Star Tribune, “It”s time for a better TV room,” 15 Jan. 2021 As the great growth-to-value rotation picks up steam, a tech-heavy portfolio is becoming less de rigueur. — Bernhard Warner, Fortune, “The markets are betting a stimulus deal will finally get done—& soon,” 16 Dec. 20đôi mươi Round-the-clock cleaning, social distancing và face coverings are now de rigueur. — San Diego Union-Tribune, “Casinos focus on health & safety protocols,” 13 Dec. 2020 Protective masks that keep lips và nostrils on lock are now de rigueur among muốn members of polite society. — Rachel Feltman And Jordan Blok, Popular Science, “The 10 most exceptional personal care products from 20trăng tròn,” 4 Dec. 2020 Protective sầu masks that keep lips and nostrils on lock are now de rigueur aước ao members of polite society. — Rachel Feltman And Jordan Blok, Popular Science, “The 10 most exceptional personal care products from 20đôi mươi,” 4 Dec. 20trăng tròn There has been much talk, since mask wearing became de rigueur, about the death of lipstiông chồng. — April Long, Town & Country, “Why We”re Still Wearing Lipstiông chồng,” 4 Dec. 20trăng tròn Sure seems like vertically challenged, thiết bị di động passers are becoming de rigueur in a league long dominated by 6-4 guys who could sling it while never leaving the pocket. — Nate Davis, USA TODAY, “32 things we learned from Week 9 of the 20trăng tròn NFL season,” 9 Nov. 20đôi mươi Protective sầu masks that keep lips và nostrils on loông xã are now de rigueur aý muốn members of polite society. — Popular Science, “The 100 greakiểm tra innovations of 20trăng tròn,” 1 Dec. 2020

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