Brazil’s long, golden sandy beaches are frequently filled with athletes và amateurs playing volleyball, the nation’s second most popular sport. For travelling sports enthusiasts or anyone keen to immerse themselves in local life while topping up their tan, here are the best beaches in Brazil for squeezing in a game.

Copacabamãng cầu, Rio de Janeiro

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Hit the beach lớn play football, volleyball và volleyball variant, futevôlei

The 4km-long beach at Copacabana can be found in Rio de Janeiro’s South Zone & was where beach volleyball exploded in popularity during the 1980s. When the sun comes out, it"s buzzing with people playing all kinds of sports, including football, volleyball and futevôlei (a blover of the two). After a game, grab a cocktail or grilled corn on the cob from a beach vendor & relax as the sun sets. When you’re ready, head trang chính for the night to Hotel Atlântico Rio.

Praia domain authority Costa, Vila Velha


Gather with friends for a game followed by a refreshing swim

Located in the state of Espirilớn Sankhổng lồ, Praia da Costa is a paradise frequented by locals. The beach attracts young and sporty types since it’s got plenty of options for being active sầu – from cobalt-xanh water khổng lồ swyên ổn in lớn sun-drenched, soft s& that’s perfect for a game of volleyball. Refuel afterwards by tucking into the local Capixacha cuisine available at the many restaurants, kiosks and sản phẩm điện thoại street vendors along the coast. And then come trang chính và relax at Quality Suites Vila Velha.

Camburí Beach, Vitória

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Camburí is famous for hosting major beach volleyball tournaments

Camburi Beach is the largest beach in the southeastern Brazilian state of Espírilớn Sankhổng lồ & its golden, soft sand stretches for 6 kilometres. It’s also famous for hosting major beach volleyball & beach football tournaments, as well as sailing regattas. Many of the country’s most respected volleyball players have sầu honed their skills on this beach, so it’s an ideal location for athletes in the making. Stay at Pousada Camburizinho, a 9-minute walk to lớn the Camburi Beach.

Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro


Play with both amateur & elite volleyball players in Ipanema

Ipanema beach is a 2km stretch of golden coast located between the Garden of Alah & Arpoador in Rio de Janeiro. It also hosted the first Beach Volleyball World Championship và – alongside Copacabana – was where the sport gained popularity in the 80s. The area brings together both amateur và elite volleyball players, including athletes. And both night and day, all week long, you’ll find volleyball nets set up on the svà. Before you visit, kiểm tra if there is an sự kiện happening, as arenas of national & international championships also play regularly here. If you want to stay locally khổng lồ maximise time in which lớn practice your technique, then Hotel Arpoador is a great option.

Pajuçara, Maceió


With warm to hot temperatures year-round, cool off in-between games

Pajuçara is a neighbourhood of Maceió, the capital city of Alagoas. And it’s a picture-perfect place for a game of volleyball, with pastel-coloured fishing boats floating off a coastline that’s peppered with palm trees. It boasts warm to lớn hot temperatures year-round và volleyball games happen here during the day và late inkhổng lồ the evening, with many curious beachgoers becoming spectators & celebrating the love of the game. To cool off in-between games, either take a dip in the clear xanh sea or take a seat under the shade of a colourful umbrella and sip on a fresh coconut. You’ll also find amazing seafood in Maceió; be sure to try the capuchin sururu (clam cooked in coconut milk, tomalớn, parsley and other seasonings). After a long day, head trang chính lớn the beachfront apartment Meridiano Hotel.