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Commercial Multi-Function Fo3 Decks 9 Trays Gas Pizza Ovenr Kitchen Equipment OEM và ODM are welcomed !

Gas Pizza Oven Kitchen Equipment Detailslớn lưu ý :

A. The temperature control of the gas oven and the electric oven are different,the configuration is different, the gas oven is heated by an open flame, andthe electric oven is heated by a heating tube.

B.The food of the gas oven will be better than the taste of the electriđô thị.Because the gas is like an open flame, the heating tube works & theelectriđô thị consumption is small, about 500 watts.

C.When the gas is connected lớn the gas pipe, the exhaust valve opens first.

D. The first time the taste is large, because it is a new layer of anti-rust oilinside, it will not be burned with 300 degrees high temperature for 10 minutes.

F. Model: 2 plates (bake plate is aluminum plate) 1201 400×600×50MM o.8MMthickness

9 disks 1810 large 2510

G. Pizza300° roast for 5-7 minutes bread 20 minutes cake bottom fire 180°, noodle fire160° bake 20-30 minutes

H. Bake for one hour, 20 minutes of electriđô thị consumption, no longer useelectriđô thị after reaching temperature

I. More water, more sugar, easy khổng lồ paste

Commercial Pizza Ovens Descriptions

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G39BTriple-layer Nine-tray Gas Oven

1.Unit Size: 1740*920*1740milimet

2.Internal Size (mm): 1290*640*220mm3.Packing Size(MM):1840*1020*1810mm4.Temperature Range: 30~400℃5.Gas Type: LPG/LNG 2800Pa6.Voltage: 220V/50Hz7.Net Weight: 280kg8.Gross Weight: 290kg

G36B Commercial Gas Pizza Bakery Baking Oven Features :




4 Front #201 stainless steel.

5 Good heat insulation.

6 1.2~1.5 milimet thickness.

7.Nice & neat thiết kế suitable for open kitchen of mall,supper market, bakery room

8High qualityHeating element. Heating sự kiện.

9 Digital computer control. Well control of the temperature andtiming.


All of our Oven Bakery Equipment can be customized: