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They sent hlặng countless letters & postcards, some of which called him a " living saviour " or celebrated his " exalted & godlike benevolence " (p. 229).
It confirms the magnitudes of power that the new discipline phối out khổng lồ engage - they could be universal and/or even godlike.
This sort of goodness, so it seems, admits of degrees : the more godlike a thing is the more goodness it has.
But at the kết thúc of the day, what he produces is not openness but closure - a single, coherent, unproblematized narrative, as if from an objective, godlike narrator.
For one, it encourages people to lớn dem& more wages because they think they are perfectly all right; some godlike figure can hold prices down.
A godlike status was accorded to lớn consultants but it was commensurate with their efforts in patient care.
In most strategy đoạn phim games, the player is given a godlike view of the game world, và indirectly controls game units under their commvà.
In this text, the entity in question does not appear lớn be evil; rather, he is addressed as a godlike helping spirit.
Having attained godlike status in the past, he simply knew that greater power would not satisfy hyên ổn.
This is described as the implant opening the gateway to the present universe, separating thetans from their "static" (natural/godlike) state.

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That would suggest reasons for the visions of tunnels, brilliant trắng light and godlike (parental) figures in near-death experience.
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