animal or vegetable fat that is soft after melting, or more generally, any thick oil-like substance:

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In 1570-1, however, the human subterfuge was replaced by "a wider, more stereotypical malicious use of poisonous grease by witches " (p. 149).
If there were such things as essentially invisible people, smearing their faces with opaque grease paint would render them visible.
This suggests that the fuel depot contains more varied materials such as lubricating engine oil and also possibly grease.
After all, without greasing the official"s hand, the litigant would have risked waiting forever to plead his case, still more winning it.
The sample chamber was attached to the specimen holder with thermoconductive silicon grease at the edges.
The nitrocellulose paper with attached retinal slices were transferred to a recording chamber, and fixed to the bottom with silicon vacuum grease.
Following air drying, acetate spacers (average dimensions, 0.12 x 3 x 75 mm) were adhered along the long edge of the glass slide using silicone grease.
Although the extroverted left hemisphere enjoys a good story and pontificates obsessively to grease the social wheels, might other brain areas be more adept at provoking self-consciously motivated actions?
A coverslip with four posts of silicone grease containing 20-50 m glass beads was placed on the slide and gently lowered until it contacted and slightly compressed the drop.
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the activity of removing things you do not need from a place, in order to make it more pleasant and more useful

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