a second layer of cloth that is sewn inlớn a piece of clothing lớn make it larger, stronger, or more comfortable:

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The gussets made the bags easy khổng lồ fill, but caused fractures in the foil layer that allowed cold air to lớn enter over time.
These calculations are made based upon the forces & loads applied khổng lồ the gusset plate through the nearby steel components.
During the wreckage recovery, investigators discovered that gusset plates at eight different joint locations in the main center span were fractured.
Gusset plates are relatively flexible và minimize bending moments at the connections, thus allowing the truss members khổng lồ carry primarily tension or compression.
Rather than merely a slightly-curved top plate with triangular gussets, it was now possible to roll a semi-circular plate.
A gusset plate can be fastened khổng lồ a permanent thành viên either by bolts, rivets or welding or a combination of the three.
A less casual, earlier type of slip-on is made with side gussets (sometimes called a "dress loafer").
The gusset plate is usually painted to match nearby steel và fixtures & khổng lồ give sầu it an extra layer of protection.

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Full flow oiling, oil galley plugs, case gussets, shuffle pinning, oil squirters, bronze lifter bores are all common case modifications.
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