get (one"s) head down


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To take a nap. I just need lớn get my head down for a few minutes, so that I don"t fall asleep at my desk.2. To put forth effort on a task that involves reading or writing. If you just get your head down, you"ll finish your paper much faster.See also: down, get, head

get your head down

1. If you get your head down, you concentrate và work hard at something.

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I could really bởi with getting my head down và finishing this chapter.2. If you get your head down, you go to lớn sleep. I"m going to lớn get my head down for a bit. Compare with keep your head down.See also: down, get, head

get your head down

1 sleep. 2 concentrate on the task in h&. British informalSee also: down, get, head

get your ˈhead down

(informal) 1 work or study hard: If you want to lớn pass that French exam, you’ll have sầu lớn get your head down.2 go to bed & sleep: It’s time khổng lồ get our heads down; we have to be up early tomorrow morning.See also: down, get, headSee also:
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