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money that a person must pay regularly by law in order khổng lồ support their child or previous marriage partner after a divorce (= official end lớn a marriage):
the activity of keeping a building, vehicle, road, etc. in good condition by checking it regularly and repairing it when necessary:
Components necessary for the maintenance of our fleet of helicopters often have khổng lồ be ordered from abroad.

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perform/provide/carry out maintenance We have sầu a large team of IT staff who provide ongoing system và applications maintenance.
bad/poor/routine maintenance A leak in the pipeline was discovered during routine maintenance và inspection work.
Authorities consider these measures to be necessary for the maintenance of sound health & sanitary conditions at the factory.
regular payments that a person must make by law in order khổng lồ support their child or previous marriage partner, for example after a divorce :
Then, again, if you are to lớn give sầu maintenances allowances with mandatory powers in respect of continuation classes, you cannot stop there.
Example from the Hansard archive sầu. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.0
Our understanding of the mechanisms that control the initial clustering of these proteins is limited và less is known about tên miền maintenance.
The use of space within the house thus relates to the maintenance of hereditary linkages within the family.
All children enrolled were seen for routine health maintenance care in our paediatric resident physician clinics.
The ripple-down rule knowledge representation attempts khổng lồ capture & apply the context to lớn reduce the maintenance activity.
The latter approach of observing và analysing user phenomemãng cầu và then manually constructing rules lớn cover them incurs significant development & maintenance costs.
As discussed under point 2, attention & maintenance in working memory may be necessary for the acquisition of complex structures involving discontinuous dependencies.
To clarify further, home maintenance và housekeeping included preparing meals, laundry, cleaning, childcare, gardening, pet care, home page repairs, và paperwork.
Regarding the types of help received, the most common were lifts in a car, shopping or home page maintenance.
The maintenance of the jobber"s position depended upon striking the right balance between the imperatives of management & workers.
Consolidation may be dependent upon maintaining bindings in an active state, but maintenance in an active sầu state does not require consolidation operations.
Preventive sầu health maintenance - prehabilitation that is neither a commodity for sale nor a birthright - is an obligation to oneself and khổng lồ society.
In the experimental conditions, subjects continued maintenance of stimulus information in the second delay interval, while in the control condition retention was discontinued.
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