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Bài Viết: Injury là gì

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injury /”indʤəri/ danh từ sự làm hại, sự làm tổn hại, sự làm hỏng điều hại, điều tổn hại; chỗ hỏng; chỗ bị thương (pháp lý) sự xúc phạm, sự vi phạm quyền lợi; sự đối xử bất côngsự tổn thươngeye injury: sự tổn thương mắtLĩnh vực: xây dựngsự trấn thươngthiệt thânLĩnh vực: y họcthương tổnbirth injury: thương tổn khi sinhchilling injury: thương tổn do lạnhcold injury: thương tổn do lạnhinternal injury: thương tổn nội tạngcold storage injuryhư hỏng do bảo quản lạnhcompensation of injurytiền bồi thường tai nạnfreezing injuryhư hỏng do kết đôngfrost injurytổn thương do kết đônggas injurytổn thương vì khíinjury preventionphòng ngừa sự cốinjury preventionphòng ngừa tổn thươngwhiplash injurytổn thương dây roisự thiệt hạisự tổn thấttiền trợ cấp thương tậtbodily injury insurancebảo hiểm thương hại nhân thâncompensation for injurybồi thường thương tậtcompensation for injurytrợ cấp thương tậtinjury benefitcó hạiinjury benefittác hạiinjury benefittrợ cấp thương tậtinjury insurancetần suất tai nạn gây thương tậtinjury insurancetần suất tổn thươngnotice of injurytờ khai thương tíchoccupational injurytai nạn lao động

Từ điển chuyên ngành Thể thao: Điền kinh


Vết thương

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): injury, injure, injured, uninjured



Từ điển Collocation

injury noun

ADJ. appalling, bad, horrendous, major, nasty, serious, severe, terrible | crippling | fatal | multiple | extensive | minor, slight, superficial | old | nagging, niggling, recurring | long-term | permanent Researchers have determined that heading a football can cause permanent injury. | accidental | internal | visible | facial, head, knee, leg, spinal, etc. | sports | industrial | bodily, emotional, personal (all law)

QUANT. run, series, spate He missed most of the season with a spate of injuries.

VERB + INJURY do yourself, incur, pick up, receive, suffer You”ll do yourself an injury riding that old bike. She picked up an injury during the quarter-final. | risk The doctor said he would risk serious injury if he were lớn fall again. | cause (sb/sth), inflict The car turned right over, causing severe injury lớn the driver. Please help me before our dogs inflict serious injury on each other! | carry, have, nurse, suffer from She has replaced him in the team while he nurses a shoulder injury. | be prone lớn | feign He was accused of feigning injury. | aggravate He aggravated a neck injury while playing for Derby County. | die from/of The inquest heard that he died from multiple injuries. | avoid, escape Stretching exercises can help avoid injury. Fortunately, the passengers escaped serious injury. | overcome, shake off She has failed lớn shake off her stomach injury. | recover from | deal with, treat, be treated for Finger injuries should be dealt with immediately. He is still being treated for injuries lớn his legs. | go off with He went off (= off the playing field) with an injury in the second half. | be out with She is out (= out of the competition/team) for six weeks with a hamstring injury. | pull out because of/due lớn/with He pulled out with (= decided not lớn compete because of) an injury at the last moment. | be back after/from, come back from, return after/from She should be back from injury. | have sb back after India had wicketkeeper More back after injury.

INJURY + VERB happen (lớn sb), occur This type of injury could happen lớn any player at any time. | result from sth injuries resulting from exposure lớn harmful substances | heal | dog sb/sth, hamper sb/sth, trouble sb Her athletics career has been dogged by injury. | sideline sb Both defenders have been sidelined by injury. | force sb lớn The knee injury forced him lớn give up playing at the age of 23. | arise from/out of (law) personal injuries arising from negligence

INJURY + NOUN problems The team has a lot of injury problems. | time They scored two goals in injury time (= time added at the end of a game because the game has been interrupted by injured players needing treatment).

PREP. because of ~ She”s unable lớn play because of injury. | through ~ He has pulled out of the match through injury. | with ~ She slumped lớn the floor with injuries lớn her back và neck. | without ~ a step-by-step guide lớn lifting without injury | ~ from injuries from the fire | ~ lớn

PHRASES add insult lớn injury It adds insult lớn injury (= it make things worse) that banks are allowed lớn increase their charges without our knowledge or consent. | a claim for injury (law) a claim for personal injury | a risk of injury There is a real risk of injury in sports such as climbing.

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English Synonym và Antonym Dictionary

injuriessyn.: accidental injury combat injury harm hurt trauma wound