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Policies for maritime and air transport are likely to differ from those for inland transport due to the highly intercontinental nature of trade in these services.
At the base of the escarpment, about 100 km inland, the elevation is about 20 - 40 m above sea level.
The inland ice is up to 3.4 km in thickness and has been penetrated to obtain bedrock at only one locality.
The null hypothesis for the test is that the conditional logit estimates are not different with or without including the inland provinces.
Nonetheless, it is likely that the severe disturbances of inland transportation and high prices abroad reoriented coffee beans from domestic to external markets.
The dry areas were indispensable for the reconciliation of the diverging interests of the various groups and their respective production systems in the inland delta.
Official correspondence between the forts was at first carried by seas, but by the 1850s an inland service had been introduced, open to the public.
They, in turn smuggled this illegal but valuable product along the numerous rivers to inland markets.
All the grass on the inland side of the belt was eaten down for a distance of about 60 yards from its edge.
Similarly, with no direct access to the sea, inland regions obtained marine products such as salt, fish, and canoe-borne longdistance trade goods.
Little is known about the fate of the introduced nutrients, or to what extent they are redistributed further inland.
The location cited, however, is some distance inland, and nowhere near any waterways visited by whalers.
The general habitats include terminal, inland salt lakes and coastal salterns associated with commercial salt production.

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Salts are present as distinct horizons in inland older soils and sometimes as surface efflorescences in the younger soils near the coast.
Furthermore, if either coastal or inland peoples undertook military expeditions against them, coastal forests were used for refuge.
Because of the seasonal character of the floods, the inland delta as a pastoral grazing system cannot exist on its own.
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