Making a large profit is irrelevant khổng lồ us - the important thing is to make the book available to the largest possible audience.

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Consequently, elderly participants were not recruited as the survey content would have sầu been irrelevant.
In three types of trial the puppet indicates the same object as the child, an irrelevant object, or the homonym.
The only step performed for irrelevant modifiers is the computation of the search path, a rapid operation of graph traversing.
The randomness coming from the binomial random variables is irrelevant for the order of precision we are after.
The respondent"s age & the presence of half- or step-siblings were irrelevant to lớn tư vấn giving in this sample.
That kind of just pulls the carpet right out from under you, it makes the framework really irrelevant.
However, due lớn their primitive, emotive sầu nature, autocentric responses are perceived as being more difficult to lớn control or altogether irrelevant.
Even if these statements were true of replication, they are irrelevant to lớn the more general idea of recurrence.
That his written statements about the bridge produce an image at once " " complex " " và " " ambiguous " " - more " " antipathy " " than " " advocacy " " - has often seemed irrelevant.
However, since the high-falling tone is for the most part no longer contrastive, this alternation is irrelevant to lớn the phonologies of most speakers.
This is true but irrelevant, since the stateful model allows simpler reasoning than the "pure" stateless one.

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To many observers the bloc was becoming both institutionally & economically irrelevant, and incentives lớn regional co-operation seemed unclear.
On this understanding, egalitarian considerations are altogether irrelevant to lớn problems of population ethics.
In other words, this is not a line of argument that is analytically elegant but largely irrelevant khổng lồ real social processes.
This does not imply that the structure of production is irrelevant lớn environmental unique, but it indicates the rather stable production structures of developed economies.
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a large cylinder-shaped object that moves very fast by forcing out burning gases, used for space travel or as a weapon

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