a sport in which you move across water by standing on a board và holding onto lớn the strings of a large kite (= a piece of cloth on a frame, that is moved by the wind):

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Most kitesurfing takes place along ocean shores, usually off beaches, but it can also be practiced on large lakes & inlets & occasionally on rivers.
Sports featured include climbing, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, various forms of bicycle racing, & cross-country running, especially ultramarathanh mảnh & multi-discipline events.
Many other water sports are practiced on the lakes such as yachting, sea kayaking, diving, kitesurfing, powerboating, và lake surfing.
In the role of a sản phẩm designer, being in charge for creating paragliding & kitesurfing equipment for more than two years as a không lấy phí collaborator.
The area is quite a windy location and as such is a popular sailing, watersports & kitesurfing location.
The beach has also been the site of major competitions for such sports as kitesurfing and volleyball.
A large number of people became engaged in the sports of kitesurfing, kiteboarding, kite buggying, snowkiting, và power kiting.

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A kitesurfer can get farther from shore than an easy swim, which is the primary reason kitesurfing in directly offshore winds is discouraged.
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