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a very large group of soldiers who khung part of an army, esp. of an ancient Roman army, or any large group of people:
Legal advice as lớn what extent the actual iconography and style of the real-life legions could be used was taken at every stage.
One must, however, be careful to distinguish the wares used by the legions from that of the auxiliary units.
As a result they joined the legions of landless generational farm-labourers who sustained an uneconomic and heavily subsidised white-owned commercial agricultural sector.
There were no legions of painters bemoaning the lachồng of tools lớn realise their visions or calling for engineers to lớn assist them in doing so.
Even the area down at the riverside would not hold them all, so that the legions had khổng lồ make various other encampments, scattered wherever there was suitable ground.
The uses of plants are legion: for medicine, for food and drink, for domestic, agricultural & seafaring purposes, for magical functions, or simply for luông xã.
The distinctions between each work, as speculative as some of them are, are legion & most are actually audible.
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bir ordunun belli bir bölümünü oluşturan ve sầu genellikle gönüllü askerlerden oluşan asker grubu, lejyon…

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a very complete cleaning process that includes all parts of something, not just surfaces or places where dirt can be seen

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