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lớn understand what someone is trying to lớn tell you, even if that person is not expressing himself or herself directly:
a short piece of information that you give sầu or skết thúc to lớn a person when you cannot speak lớn them directly:
sover a message Ridding the organization of poor performers also sends a svào message of low tolerance for poor results.

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An image projected onto the retimãng cầu is sampled by many different ganglion cells which transfer separate messages khổng lồ the visual centers of the brain.
When we bởi vì, we encounter, not two straightforward discoveries to lớn be "read off" from these accounts, but two ambivalent messages to lớn be puzzled over.
However, it is apparent that both had clear ideas of the messages which they wanted the cultural infrastructure to communicate.
Speakers demonstrate skill by tailoring their messages specifically enough, whereas listeners act on their awareness of ambiguous messages by requesting clarifying information.
The opening up of a truyền thông media marketplace is likely khổng lồ increase the influence of truyền thông messages on public opinion.
There are, however, more ambivalent messages regarding the social isolation of tenants who are very frail, or for those with severe cognitive sầu disorders.
In addition lớn the usual communication within an ambient, messages may be exchanged across ambient boundaries.
Otherwise, our knowledge will continue khổng lồ have sầu little or no control over the process of communicating mainstream messages about either reconstructed or fictional ancient pasts.
One has lớn be familiar with how to lớn sover text messages and be quick with the fingertips on the keyboard.
All messages for the communication server on the máy vi tính will then be automatically re-routed to the proxy server when the máy tính xách tay is disconnected.
Focusing events serve sầu as important opportunities for politically disadvantaged groups to lớn champion messages that had been effectively suppressed by dominant groups và advocacy coalitions.
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Các từ thường xuyên được thực hiện cùng rất message.

A coughing sound heard on the audio message left by the perpetrator increased suspicions that the bomber had other accomplices.
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to lớn give sầu something, especially money, in order lớn provide or achieve sầu something together with other people

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