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This cost must almost triple (from £25 to lớn £75 per hour) before it becomes more expensive sầu than current screening by ophthalmologists.
A national audit study (21) has shown that there are currently too many ophthalmologists screening và treating far too few babies lớn maintain skills.
Diabetes & hypertension are not infrequently diagnosed by ophthalmologists following an ocular complication.
Therefore, regular eye examinations are necessary to provide ophthalmologists with adequate information for timely treatment.
This invention was an immediate success aý muốn ophthalmologists (even though some physicians initially had difficulties in employing it).
A clear cut serological thử nghiệm would be of great assistance lớn the ophthalmologist faced with a difficult diagnosis.
Similarly, the treatment of ocular toxocariasis, which depends much on individual cases, is left lớn ophthalmologists to lớn consider.
It is possible, however, for one lớn say that one is going to see his or her ophthalmologist, ocudanh sách, or optician.
We contacted local ophthalmologists" offices và hospital emergency departments to lớn ascertain whether the outbreak had spread khổng lồ the surrounding community.
Further research is required khổng lồ determine the performance of ophthalmologists & nurse examiners in the capture & interpretation of digital photographic images.

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In addition to medications, treatment involves visits khổng lồ the ophthalmologist every 6 weeks at the beginning of treatment and a full assessment every 6 months.
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a large cylinder-shaped object that moves very fast by forcing out burning gases, used for space travel or as a weapon

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