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Growing evidence indicates that abnormalities in brain development play determining roles in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia.
A precise mechanism & pathophysiology, which could account for this pure deficit, is however, elusive.
The book covers the most fundamental issues in addiction ranging from pathophysiology to lớn legal matters.
Before undertaking this role, Review staff underwent a period of training which included formal lectures related khổng lồ pathophysiology, counseling skills và skincare guidelines.
In fact, there is evidence that it might work on nearly every links in the chain of pathophysiology described in this reviews.
Many of the brain areas activated by facial affect recognition have sầu also been implicated in the pathophysiology of mood disorders.
Both microglia & astrocytes are activated in these pain models & interact with neurons in the complex pain pathophysiology.
Other more traditional topics such as neuroleptic malignant syndrome and extrapyramidal syndromes are also expertly covered with enough neuropharmacology lớn make the relevant pathophysiology comprehensible.
Moreover, it provides an inspiration lớn study disturbances in the neuronal interactions khổng lồ gain insight in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia.
These data provide direct evidence for the involvement of the parietal lobe in the pathophysiology of passivity delusions in schizophrenia.
These discoveries are of great potential in helping khổng lồ understand the pathophysiology of the condition.

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Perhaps the greademo evidence that glutamate modulation might be important in the pathophysiology of mood disorders comes from the clinical use of the anticonvulsant lamotrigine.
In this second of two Reviews on the pathophysiology of haemoglobinopathies, we describe the clinical features, pathophysiology and molecular basis of - and -thalassaemias.
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a large cylinder-shaped object that moves very fast by forcing out burning gases, used for space travel or as a weapon

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