Power nguồn Bottom Definition

nguồn bottom is a term that gets thrown around a lot by people in our community, yet few truly understvà what this phrase really means. Well, I’m here khổng lồ give sầu you the definition so that you have sầu the lingo right.

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In case you are wondering, I am a power bottom and have sầu been one for most of my sexual life. The first time I got pounded was when I was 18 years old, in the baông xã of an abandoned van. Now at 38, I’ve sầu been one ever since.

I’m going to give sầu you the definition of a power bottom first. Then, I’ll touch upon several of the stereotypes connected with this term. Finally, I’ll walk you through several truths và misnomers.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

What is a Power nguồn Bottom?

If you are a true power bottom, you are gay man who has a huge appetite for being penetrated by another guy (or guys). You can last for extended periods of time without having khổng lồ take breaks.

nguồn bottoms tover to lớn last longer in the sack when the top is confident during intense jack-hammering (read between the lines). nguồn bottoms are ready lớn take it day or night and commonly lượt thích to lớn skip a lot of foreplay và get right down lớn business.


Power nguồn Bottom Myths

Let’s first dispense with some of the comtháng myths that are often associated with being a power bottom. While I can’t menu them all, here are some of the biggies.

nguồn bottoms are:

EffeminateSelfishMeth addictUnable khổng lồ feel painTotally submissiveSlutty


A lot of people see to lớn think that guys like me who power bottom are “queens” or “big girls”. That’s totally false. I would argue that guys who mostly or exclusively bottom are perhaps some of the most masculine guys on the planet. This myth can be traced khổng lồ harmful stereotypes about gay men – pure and simple.


I’ve sầu had friends say that power bottoms are bigtime selfish whores. This one is BS too. That’s because being a power bottom isn’t so much about the activity but instead, about the mindphối.

Just because we lượt thích to bend over doesn’t mean we can’t or won’t top. It does mean that we prefer khổng lồ riding a guy and doing so for long periods of time.


Perhaps the worst stereotype associated with this bit of lingo relates lớn physical pain. For some stupid reason, a lot of gay tops have it in their mind that power bottoms don’t feel pain.

I’m here to tell you that’s total B.S. because we vì. It DOES hurt if you just jam it in or suddenly yank it out. Nothing pisses me off more than a top thinking he can vị whatever he wants lớn me because the guy thinks I’m impervious to lớn pain, you know?

And hate to lớn break it khổng lồ you but not all of us are hooked on crystal meth, causing us lớn get “timãng cầu d*ck”. I don’t know if that myth came from videos or an urban legover but it’s crap.

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Containing on with the stereotypes, power bottoms can be submissive sầu but that doesn’t mean they are totally submissive sầu. Sure, I suppose if you hypnotize one of us, we could turn inkhổng lồ some freakish zombie bottom but in the real world, that’s not been my experience.


Finally, not all guys like me who are power bottoms are slutty. I hate when gay men think this but apparently, many vì chưng. Remember, it’s not about the number of guys we can take but instead, our ability to lớn be ready và last for the long term.

To be this type of bottom, it means you have personal POWER. Here, I am talking about a high degree of self-esteem and self-worth. Not the other way around.

Power nguồn Bottom Truths

As mentioned earlier, a gay man who identifies as a power bottom has adopted a mindset. This way of thinking takes years to develop & has nothing to vì chưng with the top’s kích thước or girth.

Instead, it’s about the pounders ability to jump inlớn action at a moment’s notice, allowing someone like me khổng lồ be equally ready.

This means we’ve educated ourselves about digestive health, allowing us lớn vày our thing without worry.

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On a related note, a true – & I mean absolutely true power bottom knows all about the things that turn off guys who are tops. One of the big ones is never making the mistake of referring to our man holes with effeminate terms.

Another one is understanding the importance of thorough douching!


Bottoming Doesn"t = Power Bottom

What really pisses me off is running into guys on hookup apps lượt thích Grindr and Scruff who clayên they are power bottoms when they simply aren’t.

Just because you rode a guy for trăng tròn minutes doesn’t entitle you lớn clayên the label. And so what if you can sit on a giant toy! That doesn’t mean you are one either!

So gay men everywhere, please, for the love sầu of all that is good, please stop calling yourself a power bottom when you aren’t.

This is a very special title should be reserved for gay men who have sầu put in years of effort while educating themselves on how khổng lồ be masters of their craft.