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reason /"ri:zn/ danh từ nguyên do, lẽby reason of: vì bởithe reason for my absence: lý do tôi vắng tanh mặtfor the some reason: cũng bởi vì lẽ ấy lý trí, lý tínhonly man has reason: chỉ gồm bé tín đồ new bao gồm lý trí lẽ buộc phải, lý, sự vừa phảilớn listen to reason; lớn hear reason: nghe theo lẽ phảikhổng lồ bring a person lớn reason: có tác dụng cho người như thế nào thấy được lẽ phảithere is reason in what you say: anh nói gồm lýlight of reason: ánh sáng của lẽ phảiwithout rhyme or reason: vô lýto lớn vì something in reason: làm những gì có cường độ vừa phải động từ sự suy luận, suy lý, lý luậnto reason on (about) at subject: suy đoán về một vấn đề tranh cãi, biện hộ lý, bào chữa lẽto reason with someone: tranh luận cùng với ai, biện hộ lý cùng với ai sử dụng bề ngoài nhằm tngày tiết phụclớn reason someone inlớn doing something: dùng chính sách nhằm tmáu phục ai làm gì (+ out) suy ra, luận ra, suy nghĩ rakhổng lồ reason out the answers khổng lồ a question: suy ra câu trả lời của câu hỏi trình bày mạch lạc, trình bày với lý lẽ
lý docallbaông xã reason: lý do Gọi ngượcreason for revision: nguyên nhân sửa đổilý luậnnguim nhânby reason ofvị vìby reason ofdoby reason ofbởi vì chỗlaw of sufficient reasonluật pháp đủ lý

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): reason, reasoning, reasonableness, reason, reasonable, unreasonable, reasoned, reasonably, unreasonably

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): reason, reasoning, reasonableness, reason, reasonable, unreasonable, reasoned, reasonably, unreasonably



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Từ điển Collocation

reason noun

1 cause/motive/justification; explanation of sth

ADJ. cogent, good, sound, strong | compelling, convincing | plausible | adequate, sufficient | bona fide, legitimate, valid | wrong He married her for all the wrong reasons. | opposite Tom"s problem was that he lacked confidence; Ed failed for precisely the opposite reason. | important | special | chief, main, major, primary, principal | only, simple, sole The only reason I didn"t become a professional golfer was because of my family commitments. I was never good at playing the trumpet for the simple reason that I never practised. | real, underlying She did not tell hlặng the real reason for her change of heart. The underlying reasons for these differences will be explored in depth in the next chapter. | very There is an assumption that a state will protect its citizens. That is the very reason for the existence of states. | apparent, particular He was attacked for no apparent reason. | no earthly, (no) possible Surely there is no earthly reason why you wouldn"t want lớn come with us? | clear, obvious The reasons for her decision soon became clear. | unclear | logical | understandable | justifiable | inexplicable, unexplained, unknown For some unexplained reason the pilot jettisoned all his fuel shortly after take-off. | unspecified | unconnected dismissal for reasons unconnected with redundancy | personal | sentimental | selfish | professional | commercial, economic, financial, legal, political, social, technical | practical, pragmatic | security | health | humanitarian

VERB + REASON be aware of, see We see no reason why this band shouldn"t be a huge success. | have I don"t know why he did that, but I"m sure he had his reasons. I have no reason to believe sầu that she was lying to me. | cite, give (sb/sth), mix out, state Give me one good reason why I should help you. In the letter she carefully set out her reasons for leaving. | cite sth as, give sth as | suggest | explain | understand | uncover

PREP. by ~ of (formal) persons in need of care by reason of (= because of) old age | for a/the ~ procedures carried out for reasons of national security | for ~ of (formal) For reasons of security, you are requested to keep your luggage with you at all times. | with/without ~ They complained about the food, và with good reason (= rightly). | ~ against There are obvious reasons against such a move. | ~ behind We are trying to uncover the reasons behind her decision. | ~ for They didn"t give sầu any reason for the delay.

PHRASES all the more reason If he"s unwell, that"s all the more reason to go and see him. | all sorts of reasons People buy things for all sorts of reasons. | any/every/little/no/one/some reason I know you"re angry with me, và you have sầu every reason (= very good reasons) to lớn be. | for reasons best known to lớn yourself For reasons best known khổng lồ herself she has turned down the offer. | for whatever reason people who, for whatever reason, are unable to tư vấn themselves | a number/variety of reasons, rhyme or reason There"s no rhyme or reason (= logic) khổng lồ the new opening hours.

2 power to lớn think logically; what is possible/right

ADJ. human

VERB + REASON chiến bại He seems to have lost all sense và reason. | be open khổng lồ, listen to lớn, see I tried to lớn persuade her, but she just wouldn"t listen khổng lồ reason.

PREP.. beyond ~ He was beyond all reason. | within ~ I"ll lend you the money you need?within reason, of course!

PHRASES an appeal khổng lồ reason The residents hope that an appeal khổng lồ reason (= asking the rioters lớn be reasonable) will over the rioting. | it stands to lớn reason It stands lớn reason (= it is logical) that she wouldn"t want them lớn find out about her personal problems. | the voice of reason She was always the voice of reason, persuading hlặng not to lớn buy things they couldn"t afford.

Từ điển WordNet


an explanation of the cause of some phenomenon

the reason a steady state was never reached was that the baông chồng pressure built up too slowly

a fact that logically justifies some premise or conclusion

there is reason khổng lồ believe sầu he is lying


think logically

The children must learn to reason

English Synonym và Antonym Dictionary

reasons|reasoned|reasoningsyn.: basis cause explanation ground justification súc tích motive senseant.: passion