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The rights that lawyers enjoy are—as has been pointed out—exceptional, but they are constantly being recon-sidered by lawyers.
We cannot let recon- struction authorities be without some sort of protection in that sort of matter.
They may be living in a house which is just not too bad, the sort of house that could be recon- ditioned và made inlớn a really decent dwelling.
It is impossible khổng lồ devise one scheme for redistribution of income which can be recon- ciled at the same time with the build-up of personal entitlement.
The bridge has been closed temporarily to lớn enable its recon- struction to be completed in the shorkiểm tra possible time, & thus minimise the inconvenience to lớn persons who normally use it.
We still bởi not think this policy goes really far enough in recon- struction, but we hope that it will bring a change for the better.
Although work did not start on the western entrance recon- struction until 1963, because financial restrictions, made it difficult, the same situation obtained at that later date.
This allowed for the use of forests for ambushes và limited the effectiveness of recon in densely forested or mountainous areas.
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lớn give something, especially money, in order lớn provide or achieve something together with other people

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