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He seems to lớn understand the right balance of self-deprecation to mild insult khổng lồ tell effective sầu jokes in the workplace.
But then, as the guitars build and then explode inlớn a wall of noise, the self-deprecation morphs into lớn a declaration of reluctant self-love.
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His candidness lớn the point of self-deprecation was viewed as a coping mechanism, but it was generally respected by those around hlặng.
I am not laughing with you, in other words, since you seem capable of neither doubt nor self-deprecation.
From this self-loving place of your spirit, you can continue your soul"s quest toward self-improvement without self-deprecation.
It would be disconcerting if not for the morsels of self-deprecation that he often sprinkles inkhổng lồ conversation.
He makes no more attempts at humor và self-deprecation; instead, his tone becomes curt và his words more adversarial.

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Leaning baông chồng in his chair, he spoke softly, pausing frequently khổng lồ cough -- he had a cold -- or lớn chuckle, in self-deprecation, at his own philosophical eloquence.
Dependent variables were the factor scores for each of the following: self-deprecation, self-confidence, & fatalistic belief, respectively.

problems that someone has had in the past that they vì not worry about because they happened a long time ago and cannot now be changed

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