a current of air behind a quickly moving object, such as a oto travelling extremely fast or an aircraft

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Whilst this strain of post-punk tended lớn carry electronic music along in its slipstream, political punk was entering the endgame of its own reason for existence.
Slipping through these huge powers in the slipstream of a liberalisation measure is quite inappropriate.
It is my impression that at the national cấp độ, this area tends khổng lồ get lost in the slipstream of debate on domestic policy.
There is a need for international rules which allow exploitation of opportunity to lớn flourish without imposing damaging consequences on the people caught up in the slipstream.
They started off being opposed khổng lồ a written constitution—certainly one that included the charter of fundamental rights—but, typically, they changed their mind, being carried along in the slipstream by others.
Productivity has improved & performance is moving ahead, but it is caught up in the slipstream of the massive sầu reduction in oil prices.
The engines generate significant thrust, & produce a slipstream over the wings & large double-slotted flaps.
As such, the remnants of society have sầu become airborne and reside on high precipices or beneath the howling slipstream.
Because of this, an organized fleet of ships entering slipstream will exit into normal space haphazardly.

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The pilot then navigates the series of slipstream tunnels until they exit via the desired slip point.
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