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SMV is the mostly used term in Industrial Engineering. This term is used in every manufacturing industry, since Bangladesh is the country of garment manufacturing industries so SMV is the most familiar term here.

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Industrial engineers are understanding this term very easily cause they are learning this type of terms during their study but the non IE peoples are failing to lớn underst& clearly and I’m writing few words for those who are willing to learn but failing khổng lồ underst& due lớn complicacy :

• What actually SMV mean ? • What is the use of SMV in Garment Manufacturing Industries ? • How SMV can be determined ?

Out of above 3 questions today I’ll discuss “What actually SMV mean ?”

Abbreviation of SMV is Standard Minute Value which means every specific job is required to be completed within a specific period of time. Notoàn thân is allowed to lớn take unlimited time to complete a specific job so the value of calculated accepted time for a specific job is basically known as SMV or Standard Minute Value.

When quotation had been asked for Jatrabari Flyover from the contractor it had also been asked how long it would take lớn complete the project. The contractor informed 1 year time required lớn complete 5 KM long Jatrabari Flyover with the necessary amount of money. Here a question is coming how contractor determined that 1 year time is required to complete this 5 KM long Flyover ?

In the same way if we could calculate how much time is required to lớn make a Shirt or a Pant in a garment manufacturing industries then we can calculate how many Shirt can be made in a line per day & how much time required to complete a specific amount of quantity to lớn meet buyer’s shipment schedule.

On the other hvà, how much Shirt or Pant required to be produced to lớn meet per day per line expenses. That is also required khổng lồ be calculated và cost per minute is calculated through SMV.

So SMV or Standard Minute Value is such an important term which is determining every important process of every manufacturing industry.

The second question was “What is the use of SMV in Garment Manufacturing Industries ?”

• SMV is used for determining Workers Efficiency. • SMV is used for determining Efficiency of Production Line. • SMV is used lớn for determining what should be the Production Target for the specific operation và for the production line of a specific style. • SMV is used for determining Loss of Time during production & Loss of Productivity. • SMV is used for determining Capathành phố of Lines as well as full factory or unit. • SMV is used for determining Production Cost.

Above sầu are the major operational functions done with the help of SMV.

The Third question was How SMV can be determined ?

SMV is basically a measurement task of a work content. In garment manufacturing industry every operation is measured until a complete body is ready for shipment.

Estimating SMV in garment manufacturing industries is really an important task. It could be determined by GSD (General Sewing Data) which is a software và can give sầu you more or less accurate calculation very nearer và acceptable result.

GSD (General Sewing Data) is a software which is having data base of various sewing process và accepted average TMU of each process. When data is asked from the GSD let’s say for Shirt và it will ask you some questions lượt thích Formal Shirt or Casual Shirt, European Size or USA form size, It will also ask whether any special operation is required for that specific styling or not, fabric, SPI, Operation Length ect và based on that, GSD will generate SMV what is more or less accurate & accepted data.

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Another process is to take data directly from Machine, Operator & from every operation. Every single operation is required to lớn be noted for a specific style. Activities done by the operator lượt thích aligning parts, placing in sewing machine, handling curves during sewing ect. required lớn be noted carefully.

Aligning parts, placing those parts in sewing machine, handling curves during sewing are the process done by the operator và all together these processes are called Operation.

Time taking for the operation is called Cycle Time và the data collected during Process, Operation & Cycle Time are called Synthetic Data. • SMV = Basic time + (Basic time * Allowance) Data for every operation required to lớn be noted couple of times lớn have sầu an average value. Value of data is assessed by TMU (Time Measuring Unit) which is calculated 1 TMU = 0.0006 minute.

Mathematical determination of SMV To proceed with the mathematical determination of SMV, need lớn know clearly that SMV or Standard Minute Value is the value of TMU or Time Measurement Unit of an operation only.

No other value is added or included with this value. It’s simply an unique value of an operation from starting khổng lồ complete means Pick-up, Operate và Dispose. In garment manufacturing industry Pairing the Parts, Aligning in the Machine & Sewing are the basic operations. TMU of a specific operation comparing with an acceptable standard is SMV.

To make the calculation more accurate TMU of an operation is taken couple of times which is known as Cycle Time & this Cycle Times are then divided by No. of Cycle lớn have an average value. This average value is then called Observed Time.

Some of the following important things are required lớn be observed during operation and that is the behavior of the operator which means :

Whether the operator working actively ? Whether the operator is working lazily ? Whether operator is careless or careful to persize the operation ? Whether the operator is showing his best performance during visit of his trùm ? Whether the operator is afraid during visit of his boss & trying khổng lồ perkhung better ? Whether the operator is performing as usual ? Whether the machine is ok lớn perform the operation ? Whether the sitting arrangement is comfortable enough khổng lồ perform the operation ? Whether the atmosphere is comfortable enough lớn perkhung the operation ?

Performance of an operator is depending on above sầu situations & circumstances & all together these situations và circumstances are called Rating. Rating is basically an assessment of activity comparing with a standard. Standard rating of performance is denoted as 100% on performance rating scales.

From above sầu discussion we found following 3 important factors & these are :

Cycle Time Observed Time Rating

These factors are the main element for mathematical calculation of SMV & again we need khổng lồ come baông xã lớn the point which is :

TMU of a specific operation comparing with an acceptable standard is SMV.

So we can define in a way that when cycle time of an operation is observed with TMU and value of the same are compared with Rating & result of this is basically SMV .

So according to lớn above

SMV = (Total Cycle time / No of cycle) x (Observed Rating * Standard rating) / Standard rating