sound out

1. To slowly và carefully pronounce something, such as a letter, syllable, or word, typically as a means of learning how to lớn say it or spell it. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "sound" và "out." She helped her daughter sound out the words in the book. It can be a tricky one khổng lồ spell because we tend to gloss over the consonants in the middle. Just try sounding it out.2. To try to lớn ascertain or gauge someone"s knowledge or opinion about something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "sound" & "out." We"d better sound out the employees before we implement the new policy. Try to sound Janet out about what we should vị in Paris.3. To produce a noise, typically a loud one, such as an alarm. The siren sounded out, signaling an air raid.See also: out, sound

sound someone out

to try to lớn find out what someone thinks (about something). I don"t know what Jane thinks about your suggestion, but I"ll sound her out. please sound out everyone in your department.See also: out, sound

sound something out

to pronounce the letters or syllables of a word as a means of figuring out what the word is. (Usually said lớn a child.) This word is easy, Bobby. Try to sound it out.See also: out, sound

sound out

Seek the views or intentions of, as in We"d better sound out Mom about who"s using the station wagon, or Let"s sound out the staff before we decide which week we should cthất bại for vacation. This expression derives from sound meaning "khổng lồ measure the depth of water by lowering a line or lead." It was transferred khổng lồ other kinds of inquiry in the late 1500s, but out was not added for several centuries. See also: out, sound

sound out


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1. To pronounce something slowly and carefully: The student practiced sounding out the English vowels. I sounded the phrase out until I could say it correctly.2. To pronounce the letters of some word slowly and in sequence in order khổng lồ arrive sầu at the pronunciation or meaning of the whole: If you don"t know the word, try lớn sound it out. I tried lớn sound out the word, but its spelling didn"t match its pronunciation.

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3. To examine or investigate the opinion or nature of someone or something: The company conducted a survey khổng lồ sound out public opinion. I tried to lớn sound them out before asking for the favor so that I wouldn"t put them in an awkward position.4. To project a sound: The bell sounded out at midnight.See also: out, soundSee also:

sound out

try lớn find out how a person feels about something by asking questions I have been sounding out my wife recently about whether or not she wants khổng lồ move sầu khổng lồ a new house.

sound out|sound

v. To try lớn find out how a person feels about something usually by careful questions. Alfred sounded out his boss about a day off from his job. When you see the coach, sound hyên out about my chances of getting on the basketball team. Synonym: FEEL OUT.
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