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struggle /"strʌgl/ danh từ sự đấu tranh; cuộc đấu tranh, cuộc chiến đấuthe struggle for independence: cuộc tranh đấu giành độc lậpthe struggle for existence: cuộc chiến đấu sinh tồn nội hễ từ đấu tranh, kháng lạikhổng lồ struggle against imperialism: đương đầu phòng chủ nghĩa đế quốc vùng vẫy; thiết bị lộnthe child struggled & kicked: đứa tphải chăng vùng vẫy cùng đạpkhổng lồ struggle for one"s living: vận lộn tìm sốnglớn struggle with a mathematical problem: tấn công đồ với một bài bác toán nỗ lực, gắng sứckhổng lồ struggle khổng lồ express oneself: nỗ lực diễn tả, cố gắng tuyên bố chủ kiến (về một sự việc gì) di chuyển một bí quyết trở ngại, len quakhổng lồ struggle through the crowd: len qua đám đông

Từ điển chuyên ngành Thể thao: Điền kinh


Ganh đua , phấn đấu

Từ điển siêng ngành Thể thao: Điền kinh


Ganh đua, phấn đấu



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Tra câu | Đọc báo giờ Anh


Từ điển Collocation

struggle noun

1 fight

ADJ. great, life-and-death, titanic | bitter, desperate, fierce, heroic, violent There were the sounds of a desperate struggle. | just The UN supported what it saw as the just struggle of an oppressed people. | unequal | armed The group supported the armed struggle against the dictator. | class, internecine Marx wrote about the class struggle. | economic, ideological, leadership, political, power, revolutionary

VERB + STRUGGLE begin, put up, take up If someone snatched your bag, would you put up a struggle? They took up the struggle against racism. | be engaged/locked in, carry on, wage species engaged in a life-or-death struggle with the ever-changing environment

STRUGGLE + VERB ensue, take place | continue, go on | intensify

PREPhường. in a/the ~ One of the security guards was hurt in the struggle. | without a ~ She won"t give sầu up without a struggle. | ~ against the struggle against fascism | ~ between the struggle between good & evil | ~ for the long struggle for democracy | ~ over a struggle over the property | ~ with He was involved in a struggle with the police.

PHRASES a sign of a struggle The police said that there was no sign of a struggle by the murder victlặng. | years of struggle After 150 years of struggle against brutal colonial rule, the country won its independence.

2 great effort

ADJ. desperate, great, hard, real, uphill It will be an uphill struggle khổng lồ maintain exports at the current level. | long | ceaseless, constant, endless | unequal

VERB + STRUGGLE face, have sầu We had a real struggle khổng lồ get everything into lớn the suitcase. | give up I"ve given up the unequal struggle lớn keep my house tidy.

PHRASES a bit of a struggle It was a bit of a struggle for me to lớn get there so early.

Từ điển WordNet


strenuous effort

the struggle khổng lồ get through the crowd exhausted her


lớn exert strenuous effort against opposition

he struggled lớn get không lấy phí from the rope

English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

struggles|struggled|strugglingsyn.: attempt battle contend endeavor fight scuffle strive sầu try tussle