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For it is precisely the return lớn diversity, which was submerged by forty years of communist rule, which offers undreamt-of opportunities.
The samples were subjected to three emergence trials under drained, waterlogged & submerged conditions.
When not actually submerged, the soils of the littoral zone are unprotected from extremes of climate, including the direct impact of sunshine and rainfall.
In the early sixties, however, finite state models were soon submerged in a flood of transformational models.
Simple generation và detection of polyynes in an arc discharge between graphite electrodes submerged in various solvents.
Long present but submerged in conservative sầu rhetoric, it surfaced in articles, books, & reports circulated by the right"s intellectual infrastructure.
Those parts that are at least sometimes immersed are likely khổng lồ have higher fixation rates when submerged.
Collision of migrating droplets generically occurs for a configuration of two relatively small droplets submerged inlớn a matrix of larger droplets.

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a large cylinder-shaped object that moves very fast by forcing out burning gases, used for space travel or as a weapon

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