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This embodied subtext is in turn read by the audience, based on its members" life experiences & familiarity with theatre and/or filmed drama.
The initial forays of the territories khung the subtext, and sometimes provided the actual text, of convention deliberations.
These examples are from corpora và from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples bởi not represent the opinion of the editors or of University Press or its licensors.
How the local population reacted to lớn their new existence as a contested và often patronized community reveals the complicated subtext to the region"s history.
The section on applications contains useful approaches khổng lồ working with text lớn illuminate the subtext, objectives, và status.
Indeed, my main argument is that, through no apparent fault of its own, the work possesses a rather negative sầu và unhelpful subtext.
Although tinged with racial subtext, this causal story did not disturb the newly institutionalized egalitarian precepts.
However, financial motivations for continuing lớn work were an important subtext in several cases of " workers" staying on.
The music"s distance from that adaptation, by way of its fraught and gestural content, suggests subtext.
It may simply be mat the ideological threads woven through the subtext occasionally become entangled.

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This redefinition of cholesterol as the disease is reinforced by the entire subtext of women"s magazines.
The subtext here is powerfully subtle: the acknowledgement of postcolonial thought actually subverts the very foundation of that thought.
The focus is on events and policies, with a subtext that seeks lớn examine the interaction of the individual & circumstances.
The texts of the plays were so passionately coddled throughout that the subtext got suffocated in the embrace.




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