the part of a surface that gives the most power for the least effort, for example when hitting a ball:

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the particular situation, quality, combination of things, etc. that is the best or most effective possible:
Every restaurant wine danh mục has a sweet spot where you"ll find the best bottles at the fairest prices.

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Regardless of whether you can schedule your travel for that hopefully asymptomatic sweet spot, try to avoid traveling after 36 lớn 38 weeks of pregnancy.
The reason that gearbox is in there is because your engines got a relatively narrow range of rpm"s và sweet spot for power.
This sweet spot between player skill và challenge difficulty is one of the reasons games can be so fun lớn play.
Once again, the drag crisis proved critical: there is a sweet spot in terms of velocity that produces larger lift forces & more side-to-side movement.
The impossibility of fully understanding every intricacy of context at any given moment makes achieving the mythical, consistent sweet spot of serendipity impossible.
Competitors must find a sweet spot in price to sell the tablet, possibly in the $300 lớn $399 range, và ảo diệu for any deficiencies through services.

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In between the two extremes of guarded public consumption và intimate conversation is the sweet spot for professional connection comes in real one-on-one interactions.
Yes, our sweet spot is that 18 to lớn 35, but an 18-year-old can have more in comtháng with a 40-year-old than we think.
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