a cửa hàng that sells used things such as clothes, books, and furniture, typically in order khổng lồ raise money for a charity

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A thrift store was also opened, with the proceeds going lớn fund the operational costs of the building.
Thrift store chic is often composed of vintage t-shirts, flannel lumberjaông chồng shirts, và worn & torn jeans.
To help tư vấn these improvements, the school board formed a team to research and create a thrift store.
This is the prelude to their lesson, which is khổng lồ create three looks made from clothes bought in a thrift store for only $300.
The hipster movement embraced thrift store chic because of its love sầu for vintage items, especially clothing.
She found an old mimeograph machine at a local thrift store, brought it home page and recruited her children to lớn help.
Its authentiđô thị was doubtful, because the painting was purchased at a thrift store, is unsigned, & is without provenance.
In addition khổng lồ daily, weekly and monthly activities, there is also an onsite thrift store và lunches are served every weekday.
Many props and sets were donated or bought with thrift store materials and modified to lớn fit the film"s needs.

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She had been working at a biotech firm as a lab assistant, at a fast-food restaurant and thrift store.
The sự kiện, which began in 1999, is part pub crawl and part street theater, while wearing a thrift store wedding dress.
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a large cylinder-shaped object that moves very fast by forcing out burning gases, used for space travel or as a weapon

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