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However other models timestamp events, whereas the history graph Model timestamps both objects và events.
Many nonces also include a timestamp to lớn ensure exact timeliness, though this requires cloông chồng synchronization between organizations.
They generate a very accurate pulse per second signal that triggers an interrupt and timestamp on a connected computer.
Comtháng examples of this type of timestamp are a postmark on a letter or the in & out times on a time card.
Other information, such as a timestamp & the agency"s pseudo-city code, will go in to the booking automatically.
The timestamp values returned for each router along the path are the delay (latency) values, typically measured in milliseconds for each packet.
If example.net has to forward the message in turn, it can spare adding another timestamp và repeating the original local part (alice).
Time series are finite or infinite sequences of data items, where each vật phẩm has an associated timestamp and the sequence of timestamps is non-decreasing.

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